God’s Grace and Miracles

God manifests his love in many different ways. He uses people, situations, and miracles as instruments to show his loving kindness, mercy, and justice. One of the ways God demonstrates his love is through His grace. Oftentimes, we pay no attention to the divine gift of grace because we are too caught up in the trappings of everyday life. Without a clear understanding of God’s grace, it will be difficult to recognize it when it manifests in your life.

What is the Grace of God?

In its simplest definition, grace is God’s love in action.  Where there is grace, there’s great blessing. Oftentimes, we only consider the big blessings as manifestations of God’s love and grace. But in reality, some of the little things that happen and some of the people that come into our lives can be examples of God’s grace in action. They can have a lasting impact that can change our lives forever.

The moment the grace of God enters your life, it changes you forever. The worldly person who is susceptible to sin and disobedience can be transformed into a humbled person who is eager to obey God. This is because God’s grace enables people to do what is right. No matter how imperfect life may be, when God’s grace moves us to seek the right path.

Impacts of God’s Grace

God’s grace empowers people to do His work. This is not simply working hard to accomplish greater things, but being motivated to do things that most people are not willing to do because of the seemingly insurmountable challenges ahead.

For example, not everyone would have the motivation to work in an organization to serve the physical and spiritual needs of the community in times of crisis. Not everyone would lay their lives on the line to take care of those infected by the pandemic and save as many lives as humanly possible. It’s only through the grace of God that people find the courage and strength to carry out difficult tasks to help those who are in need even in the midst of danger. They are able to endure a difficult and demanding job because they have experienced the true power of God’s grace in their lives.

There are people who are well-versed in the doctrine of grace but are not moved into the action because their lives are not being impacted by God’s grace. But people who work with the grace of God have the desire to serve, give, sacrifice, and do more. They often work quietly but the impact of their efforts speaks volume about their contribution to people who needed their help the most.

People who recognize the gift of God’s grace operate on a different spiritual space and they just seem to be guided by their genuine desire to work hard for the Lord. They are productive and help elevate people’s lives whether it’s spiritual, physical or financial aspect. But more than that, those who are motivated by the grace of God are also the most grateful. This is because they are given this precious gift.

It is by grace that we receive the gifts and the promises of God so that we can serve others. The gratitude we feel in our hearts when we receive the grace of God compels us to give generously. It is through this that we become instruments of God to help those in need. By giving unconditionally, we are performing God’s miracles in our own little ways. A simple gesture of kindness and compassion towards people can make a huge difference in their lives. It’s by the grace of God that we are able to tune our hearts and minds to do the right thing and be the best versions of ourselves. It’s the very same grace that compels us to live upright lives and strengthens our will to say no to ungodliness. We will never be perfect but we are constantly working to be better in all aspects of our life including our charitable and compassionate acts.

Seeing life through the lens of God’s grace brings us tremendous joy and happiness that we can share with others. Everything we do becomes a gift to others as well. We are sharing the immense feeling of gladness and contentment. The gratitude spills out into a genuine love for others.

The spiritual experience is unlike any other when we are enveloped by the grace of God. We begin to have an appreciative heart that changes our views on things around us. We become less negative in our outlook and we see the silver lining no matter how difficult the situation is. Nothing fazes us because we know we are guided by God to make the right decisions in times of personal upheaval or crisis.


Through grace, we deepen our relationship with God. With a more profound connection with God, we are much more sensitive to the gracious opportunities given to use. These are opportunities to ask for forgiveness, forgive others, turn away from sins, and be compassionate. When we open ourselves up to receive God’s grace, we are dedicating more of our time, efforts, and resources to helping others. This way, we are connecting with more people who need comfort and relief from whatever difficulties and challenges they are going through.

Miracles happen everyday but many people fail to see them or acknowledge them. This is because they’re only looking for the incredible mythical events that cannot be explained by science or even religion. They ignore the everyday miracles that happen as a result of God’s grace working to make their lives better.

Random acts of kindness are small miracles that can lift people’s spirits when they are going through a difficult time in their lives. Even in times of disasters and calamities, it is God’s grace that compel people to volunteer their time and service to help those who are affected.  It’s the same grace that drives people to feed the needy and the less fortunate.

Taking care of the sick by giving medical care and assistance is a selfless act that can only happen if God’s grace is present in our heart. Even to the dying, God’s grace washes away their fears and gives them comfort until their very last breath.

In a time when the world faces an uphill battle against a global pandemic, doctors, nurses, health workers, and front liners are risking their lives to save as many people as possible. It’s by God’s grace that they choose to go above and beyond the call of duty. And that in itself is a miracle that we all should be grateful for.